Story of Scarlett Philips 

Who Is Scarlett Philips?

Let’s see… I’m a 33 y/o mother of 4. Three girls, ages 12, 7, & 5, and a boy also 5. Yes, I have twins. Lol The youngest 3 all have autism, so I spend my days driving them back and forth to therapy. About 4 years ago, I decided I needed a hobby. Other than mindlessly watching tv. So I started reading, and haven’t stopped, also haven’t really watched tv since. lol My longest weekly streak on Kindle was 122 weeks. Sadly, I broke my streak when I started writing and took a break from reading. I know some of you will understand the heartbreak. I write books that combine the real world with fantasy, currently, that’s in the form of a magical small-town reverse harem.