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Maddy's Story

I never expected to have proof of Hell’s existence pop into my home.

In one night, with one small action, I go from a complete non-believer to summoning demons left and right.

Now, I’m surrounded by them and having the time of my life.

Oh, did I mention the a**hole that wants to take me from them all? He’s decided I’m his. And he’ll stop at nothing to own me.

The thing he didn’t count on though, was me being stronger and more powerful than all of my demons combined. I don’t need my guys to save me. I’ll save myself.

★This is a reverse harem, meaning our girl gets all the guys she wants, and none she doesn't ;) Take that Chad! This is also a Spicy book, meaning there are hot scenes by chapter 5. That also means this book is not for readers under 18. Sorry kiddos. Maybe try to steal it from mom when she's not looking? I mean NO! Don't do that! Anyway... Oh! This series may contain some guy-on-guy action, so consider yourself warned.★

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