Everton Ever After Series

This isn’t how I expected my life to be at 30 years old.

I was supposed to be raising a little family, and fulfilling my dream of running a bakery in my small hometown. Instead, I’m now a widow with a 5-year-old little girl. Living far from that idyllic small town I dreamed of growing old in, surrounded by my BFF Quinn and my 4 best guy friends.

I’ve been so beat down these past 10 years, not allowed to use my magic even in my own home. I think it’s time I return to Everton. This town has nothing left for me now that my husband is dead.

But the guys and I didn’t exactly part on the best of terms…. Will they be able to forgive me for leaving the way I did? Or will returning to Everton be just another mistake?

Returning to Everton is a reverse harem, meaning Rowen doesn’t have to choose between her love interests and they all worship her. This book is for readers 18+ due to sexual content

With the truth about what her husband did to her revealed,  Rowen must beat the clock to find a way to undo the damage he's caused.  The guys are desperate to find out who helped him and will stop at nothing in their search for answers.

With the help of an old friend, they finally have a lead.  But with so many twists and turns will they be able to identify the culprit in time? Will Rowen be able to survive in Everton?

Surviving in Everton is book 2 in the Everton Ever After series and will have a happy ending, but won't be the last we see of Rowen and her guys.

This book is a reverse harem, meaning Rowen doesn’t have to choose between her love interests and they all worship her. This book is for readers 18+ due to sexual content.

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This is Rowen's first complete duet, including Returning to Everton, Surviving in Everton, and 2 bonus scenes from each book.

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I never expected to have proof of Hell’s existence pop into my home.

In one night, with one small action, I go from a complete non-believer to summoning demons left and right.

Now, I’m surrounded by them and having the time of my life.

Oh, did I mention the a**hole that wants to take me from them all? He’s decided I’m his. And he’ll stop at nothing to own me.

The thing he didn’t count on though, was me being stronger and more powerful than all of my demons combined. I don’t need my guys to save me. I’ll save myself.

★This is a reverse harem, meaning our girl gets all the guys she wants, and none she doesn't ;) Take that Chad! This is also a Spicy book, meaning there are hot scenes by chapter 5. That also means this book is not for readers under 18. Sorry kiddos. Maybe try to steal it from mom when she's not looking? I mean NO! Don't do that! Anyway... Oh! This series may contain some guy-on-guy action, so consider yourself warned.★

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Co-write with Iris James

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Do you know what it’s like to constantly get thrown in jail for no reason? No? Just me?

The leaders of BookFace have too much power. No one should be able to censor people the way they do.

At least I meet some pretty cool people in jail. Except this stint is different from the rest. This time I meet 3 of the most gorgeous men… creatures? I don’t know, whatever they are, they’re freaking HOT!

But why are they here?

Can I accept the shocking discoveries they bring to light?

Join me on my quest to find out just who the fuck I am and what exactly BookFace has to do with it.

This is a reverse harem, meaning our leading lady doesn’t have to choose between love interests. It is for ages 18+ for graphic sexual content and adult language. If you have a problem with cuss words… this is not the book for you. This book contains guy-on-guy action, so if that's not your thing maybe skip it.

This book is the first in a SATIRE saga. If you want to laugh at relatable scenarios while you read completely unrealistic paranormal romance, one-click this book now.